Is CBD legal in San Antonio?

That haze cleared when House Bill 1325 became law in early June. The bill defines legal CBD products as containing under. 3% THC. The majority of CBD shops in San Antonio carry smokeable and vape-able products in addition to tinctures and ointments.

Is CBD legal in Texas for minors?

CBD and THC products come in all varieties. If the product is designed to be smoked in an e-cigarette (vaping or Juuling), the answer is clear. Under state law, a minor under the age of 21 may not possess, purchase, consume, or accept an e-cigarette.

Is CBD legal in Colombia?

Cannabis in Colombia is illegal for commercial sale, but legal for certain medical uses, and personal cultivation and consumption are decriminalized.

Is CBD oil legal in all states now?

Overall, most states permit the use of CBD at least for specific medical conditions. Many states also define legal CBD as the extract from hemp with zero or very low amounts of THC. CBD remains illegal still in some places.

Is CBD legal in Hawaii 2019?

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) — The Hawaii Department of Health issued a statement Wednesday reiterating that cannabidiol has never been permitted for sale in any form in the state except for people who have medical marijuana cards and can get it at licensed dispensaries. Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.